The influence of the New deal of waste Paper in China on the Future Global Market pattern

The positioning of factories in the world in China has led to the export of packaging with a large number of products. Even if the recovery rate of domestic waste paper has reached a high level, it is still difficult to meet all the papermaking demand. Therefore, imported waste paper is an indispensable raw material for China’s papermaking industry. According to the annual report of China’s papermaking industry, 14.57 million tons of waste paper were imported in 2018, accounting for 27% of the total demand for waste pulp. It is the third largest source of raw materials for China’s papermaking industry in addition to domestic waste paper and imported wood pulp.

As a whole, the reduction in the amount of waste paper imported by China will hinder the digestion of waste paper in other major waste paper exporters. Then looking for new sales and digestion channels brought about by the corresponding time and manpower investment, will increase the cost of export enterprises. At present, many countries have realized the influence of solid waste on the environment and national sustainable development, and proposed to reject “foreign waste”. In addition to looking for local channels of waste collection, if waste paper wants to continue to flow between international trade, it can only increase the source of sorting investment.

Because of China’s high dependence on waste paper from the United States and the considerable cost advantage of the United States in the production of finished paper, the Sino-US trade war may further promote China’s policy of restricting waste paper imports, and even lay the groundwork for the realization of zero imports of waste paper from the United States. At the same time, Gaoqi’s tariff will increase the manufacturing cost of enterprises again, reduce the competitiveness of China’s finished paper, reduce the export of finished paper and increase imports, which will intensify local competition, reduce the utilization rate of domestic packaging paper production capacity, and have a sustained impact on the upstream and downstream of the whole industry.


Post time: Sep-06-2019

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