Interpretation of the Packaging Ink Market in 2023

The leader of the packaging ink industry reported that the market has slightly increased in 2022, and sustainability is at the top of the customer’s demand list.

The packaging and printing industry is a huge market, estimated to be worth approximately $200 billion in the United States alone. Corrugated paper printing is considered the largest part, followed closely by the soft packaging and folding box markets. Ink plays a crucial role in the development of various substrate markets and varies depending on the substrate.

Corrugated paper printing usually uses water-based ink, and solvent based ink is the main type of ink used for flexible packaging. In addition, there are also single sheet paper and flexographic ink used for folding paper boxes. UV and digital printing are also increasing their share, while metal decorative ink dominates in beverage can printing.

Despite the challenging situation of the epidemic and raw material market in previous years, the packaging market continues to grow. Almost all packaging ink manufacturers report that the field continues to perform well.

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Post time: Apr-20-2023

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