Giving cartons to couriers will be rewarded. Jingdong will cover the whole country.

Beginning in September this year, the carton recycling activities initiated by Jingdong Logistics will be upgraded in an all-round way. According to the official information of Beijing East Logistics, it will expand to the national consumers on the basis of covering 12 key cities such as BeiShang GuangShen.
It is reported that, when Beijing East Logistics Express Brother delivers goods to his door, consumers can give their idle cartons to his brother for recycling, and at the same time, they can get the corresponding Beijing Bean Award.
How to deal with idle cartons?
When Beijing East Logistics Express Brother delivers goods to his door, consumers can give their idle cartons to the courier, which can be brought back by the courier and reused uniformly. Of course, consumers can also send them to the express site of Beijing East Logistics by themselves.
How to get the Beijing Bean Award?
Participation in the activities will be awarded Jingdou! In order to encourage consumers to participate actively, Jingdong Logistics will send the corresponding Jingdou directly to the consumer account after the express receives the carton.
How to use recycled cartons?
Jingdong Logistics Recycling Cartons will be recycled according to their integrity. In order to ensure the reuse effect, Jingdong Logistics will use big data to monitor the quantity and quality of recycled cartons, and open a special area for recycled cartons at the site to ensure the most reasonable classification and reuse of cartons.
As early as 2016, Jingdong Logistics took the lead in recycling cardboard boxes, aiming at the problem of excessive packaging of moon cakes, a large number of gift boxes were recycled for public welfare. In March 2017, the project expanded to the daily recycling of idle cartons for users in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and gradually expanded to 12 key cities in China.
As part of the Qingliu Project of Jingdong Logistics, the project has recovered more than 5.4 million cartons in the past two years, and saved 2 billion express cartons through direct packaging and recycling of cartons, which is equivalent to cutting down 6.37 million trees.

Post time: Sep-10-2019

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