Development Trend Change of Global Special Paper Industry

According to Smithers Pira’s latest exclusive study, the global special paper market will reach 25.03 million tons in 2019.
It is estimated that the global total output of paper and cardboard is more than 450 million tons. In contrast, special paper provides more and more profitable market opportunities for established special suppliers and bulk manufacturers seeking diversification.
Smithers Pira’s research – The Future of Special Paper (2024) – tracked the market for more than 40 kinds of Special Paper. By 2024, the market capacity of special paper will reach 28.02 million tons, with a compound annual average growth rate (CAGR) of 2.3%. With the expansion of this market, there will be a series of key changes, which will help build the future profitability of the industry.
Market capacity growth in the Asia-Pacific region will be the strongest (expected annual growth rate of 3.8%) and it is also the largest market in the world. Growth is particularly strong in China and India. Flexible wrapping paper, one-sided copperplate paper packaging, printing labels, special printing paper and release paper are the largest types of paper in the global special paper industry.


Post time: Sep-18-2019

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