Azerbaijan will increase paper production in the next few years

According to local Azerbaijani media, as the country’s national economy is gradually recovering from the impact of the epidemic, and the country’s domestic paper consumption demand growth, Azerbaijani paper production is steadily increasing.

According to the country’s official statistics, compared with 2019, the country’s paper production increased by nearly 35% in 2020 and is still growing. One reason is that the easing of the epidemic situation and the success of the country’s recent military operations in the Nagorno Karabakh region have contributed to the rapid economic recovery of Azerbaijan.

Local analysts predict that although the paper industry has never been a pillar industry in the country’s industrial production, the country is rich in hydrocarbon reserves, which provides a good raw material base for the development of paper and related industries and is conducive to the improvement of paper and pulp production in the next few years.

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Post time: Apr-07-2021

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