The progress of the times promotes product change, and paper packaging will conform to the development trend of the industry.

The four pillars of modern packaging industry are paper, plastics, glass and metal. Among these four kinds of packaging substrates, paper control products have the fastest growth and the sources of raw materials are relatively wide. It is not as fragile as glass, nor as heavy as metal materials, nor portable, nor will there be so many environmental problems of plastics. With the acceleration of the renewal rate of various products in China, the same is true of paper tubes in China. In accordance with the final NC system of the coherent material display, the paper bags are transferred and processed in the form of perforated paper bags, and the special NC assembly reads in the processing code to identify, store and calculate, and outputs the response command pulses to drive the servo system. Thereafter, the growth target of the paper tubes should be the NC technology.
Paper tube is a very common commodity, making use of simple paper materials, but the major bright spot is again, because there is no excessive cost investment, but there are more artificial design, more artificial value, and more and more application areas, so at present, a small paper tube is enough. It has greater value and significance.
With the rapid development of papermaking industry and the attention paid by the state to the import of technical equipment and the investment in technological transformation of papermaking industry, the scale, technological progress, product level and manufacturing capacity of equipment enterprises in papermaking industry have changed significantly, and the gap between them and the advanced international papermaking equipment has been narrowed to a great extent. Non-wood fibre pulping technology suitable for China’s national conditions has reached an advanced international level, and the market share of domestic medium-sized paperboard production line has increased significantly, which has preliminarily demonstrated its comparative advantage in competition with international multinational companies.
China’s packaging industry has established a considerable scale of production so far, and has becom  e the second largest packaging country in the world. China’s packaging market has ranked the first in the world, and has become an important part of China’s manufacturing field. With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for commodity packaging is increasing, and the demand for commodity packaging is also increasing. In many packaging industries, the development momentum of paper tube is particularly strong.


Post time: Sep-17-2019

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