Stolanso invests in the production of biologically based carbon materials for energy storage

Stora Enso invested 10 million euros in a pilot production line based on lignin to produce bio-based carbon materials. Wood-based carbon can be used for key components in batteries in consumer electronics, the automotive industry, and large-scale energy storage systems. The pilot line is located at Sunila plant in Stora Enso Finland.

Investment in the manufacture of energy storage carbon materials has further strengthened Stolanso’s opportunities to replace fossil raw materials and combine sustainable materials with sustainable technological innovation.

Lignin is one of the main components of trees. At present, the lignin product Lineo produced by Stolanso Sunila factory can be used as an alternative to stone-based phenolic material as adhesive. Through new investment, Stolanso will process lignin into carbon intermediates of electrode materials. The lignin will be converted into a hard carbon anode material for lithium-ion batteries with properties similar to graphite. The battery is used every day for mobile phones and similar portable devices, power tools, electric vehicles, industrial applications, fixed energy storage and power grid units.


Post time: Aug-07-2019

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