Foreign garbage is limited and old recycling enterprises are crushed

Since Asian countries launched a campaign to reject “foreign garbage”, Western governments, which boast of being civilized and advanced, have been caught up in the panic of garbage recycling and are confronted with increasing “stockpiles” of civilian garbage. Recently, SKM, Melbourne’s garbage recycling super company, rented six Super warehouses full of garbage “assets” and declared bankruptcy.
SKM is an old garbage recycling company in Melbourne. It used to be rich and contracted for the garbage recycling business of the local governments in 30 districts.
The garbage collected is sold to “backward” countries in Asia for recycling and reuse. Undecent household garbage can be sent to mountain dumps and landfills in low-lying areas.
However, after the Asian countries unanimously rejected foreign garbage, the company could only dispose of and digest most of the garbage collected locally.
According to Australian local strict requirements, glass is glass, plastic is plastic, must be strictly separated; even if a waste bottle containing flammable liquid can not be reclaimed casually.
As a result, the speed of disposal of garbage by SKM has slowed down significantly.
Asian countries do not want Australian garbage, SKM rented six large warehouses to hide these potentially valuable “assets”
SKM rented six super-giant warehouses in its factories in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne, and deposited all the “assets” that the company might reuse.
One of the warehouses, the owner rented to the transport company for $1.35 million a year in 2013. But after the owner signed the lease with SKM, it took SKM only eight weeks to fill up the large warehouse. Then SKM locks the door, and it doesn’t care anymore.
Another owner rented SKM’s warehouse a total of 14,500 square meters, bigger than two football fields, and now it is also full of piles of waste recycling materials. The warehouse is smelly and flies are flying.
With more and more garbage, SKM can’t afford to sell it and change it for money before it can be cleaned up.
Since SKM declared bankruptcy, Melbourne’s district government has only been able to do “uncivilized” things. Every week it collects domestic waste and recycled materials from residential areas, good or bad, and pours them all into landfills.
But the most painful ones are the landlords of the big warehouses. They all know that rent is not going to be paid, but the biggest problem is how to get rid of the stinky garbage from their own property. It costs at least $1 million – $2 million, even if it is dumped directly into landfills.


Post time: Aug-21-2019

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